Posted in INSTANT/POLAROID CAMERAS by Nicole Gelinas on February 7, 2012


These are my first photos using my Polaroid Land Camera 100! They are definitely not perfect, but I will get better with time and practice! I found this camera really fun to use, but I think it will take a little time to get my exposures correct without first taking a test shot and then resetting the camera. For example the third photo was taken on the average middle setting, and the fourth image I lightened as much as possible in camera, so there is quite a range this camera can handle seeing as the whole scene was backlit.

This camera was first introduced in 1963 and was produced until 1966. The camera features automatic exposure, folding bellows, and two separate viewfinders (one for focusing and one for composing). Although it has automatic exposure, you can darken or lighten the scene by rotating the outer edge of the lens. The camera is fully collapsable to protect all of its parts and it uses packfilm.

*A little fun fact about my camera is that I converted it from its original battery (which are a little expensive, getting harder to find, and must be special ordered) to now using three AAAs which are readily available almost anywhere! Much more convenient!


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