Posted in 35MM CAMERAS, TIPS & TRICKS, TOY CAMERAS by Nicole Gelinas on March 13, 2012

The top image was taken while I was sitting in traffic on a bridge overlooking the water at sunset. This is why all of the frames look the same. The camera nor the subject were moving while I was exposing the film. The second shot (below) was taken while the car was moving. Notice how trusses of the bridge got into random shots. That is because each lens fires at a slightly different time giving you time to get new subjects in front of the frame! By doing this you will get eight mini images that are all slightly different (or very different depending on how quickly you can move your camera before all of the lenses fire!)

I also tried shooting right into the sunset with the Oktomat camera. I had no idea what to expect, but this actually turned out better the I though. The images were very red and orange. It does add quite a mood to the images though. It is almost like they were shot in some desert area as opposed to Seattle! You might also notice on the image on the right that there is only six mini shots instead of eight. This is because the film ran out on this shot, but I really liked the black and red strip at the bottom. It goes so nicely with the colors of the photo!

If you want to experiment more with sequencing your images, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Click the shutter release button and then move the camera around while the lenses are firing!
  • Have your subject move while you hold the camera steady then click the shutter!
  • Get crazy and have your subject move while you move the camera! Whoa right.
  • Put your camera on something while it moves (like your dogs back, a tiny sailboat, window of your car, etc)
  • Click the shutter release button and toss your camera in the air

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