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This is my friend Shauna RiOt. We met at art college and became fast friends even though we are total opposites. She has the coolest look of anyone I have ever met and I was so glad to be paired up with her to do this shoot.

These are the first portraits I have ever taken with slide film. It is harder, at least for me, to get the exposure just right when using slide film because the film has much less latitude when it comes to overexposing and underexposing. You either get it right on or you don’t. I made these underexposed to create a certain mood and to get really deep shadows, although they came out a little darker than I expected. I still like them. Also we were using tungsten lights in the studio and I did not compensate with a filter, which is why they have the warm yellow/orange light in them. This light also added a vintage look to the whole image which I think fits with the plaid shirt and Shauna’s traditional style tattoos. The black borders were actually from the cardboard slide frames that the lab puts on each slide. I just kept a bit of the edge on the image when I was scanning. I though the black frame really complimented the dark shadows and held the image in place. For this shoot I used my trusty Asahi Pentax k1000 because I was most comfortable with this camera and wanted to get some good shots.



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I know, I know, I have been posting a lot of these photos lately, but I promise this is the last set. I just like the idea of having all of the matching colors together in their own post! Anyway again these were taken with the SLR Asahi Pentax K1000 using 35mm slide film to get really amazing color. The top image with the pink and purple has to be my favorite photo from the whole roll. It has so much movement and such depth, and not to mention stunning colors!


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Here are some more examples of the painting with light project I did with my Asahi Pentax k1000 35mm film camera. If you want more details about how to make your own painting with light photos please see my previous post. I chose to post these together because they were my fiery red, orange, and yellow photos! Using slide film really is great if you want your images to have intense colors, although that being said, there is a smaller latitude for error in exposure times when using slide film. You might want to bracket your exposures, or play around with your shutter speeds, especially for this project!


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Painting with light is a really fun project to do when you have a dark room and some lights handy! All you need to do is set your camera to a very slow shutter speed or even on the B setting. Focus your camera while the lights are still on. It is helpful to have your camera on a tripod and use a cable release if you are alone. Once you have your focus set, turn the lights out and release the shutter while you move your light source in front of the camera. If you have a friend to help you, they can move the lights in front of the camera while you take the photo without a tripod! I shot these photos with 35mm color slide film so I could get really nice colors!

For this project I used the Asahi Pentax K1000. This camera is completely manual allowing you to set your aperture and shutter speeds to fit your creative needs. It is an SLR, so what you see in the viewfinder window is what you get. The Pentax k1000 also has a light meter built in which is very helpful. This camera is the first film camera I ever owned and I got it back in high school for a photography class. It takes wonderful pictures and is very reliable. A great camera to start with if you have never shot film before! It shoots 35mm film and has a shutter speed range from 1-1000, also including a B (bulb) setting.